Check and solve the cause of the computer not being powered on

There was a big power outage in my neighborhood. At that time, I played a game on my computer, and I was surprised when the power suddenly went out. I thought the blackout would be short, but it took longer than I thought. So I waited calmly. And soon after it was restored, I turned on the computer, showing symptoms of not turning on. I tried this, and that just in case, but I didn’t think it would turn on at all. I called on Oncoms right away because I thought it was not a matter for me to solve, but for a professional’s power.

It wasn’t an urgent matter to afford it, but I was doing a variety of tasks with the computer, so I felt uncomfortable without it right away. That’s why I contacted him and scheduled his visit.
When I was talking on the phone, I told them that I couldn’t boot because of a power outage, and they asked me which one I would like to do, so I said I’d do door-to-door repairs. It’s not that far from home, and there’s an assembly PC place, so I thought I could do it right away even if I had to replace the parts.

I took my computer to OnComs because the computer was not turned on. The boss greeted me warmly. Many people called me because of the power outage. You said you received many applications by courier and went on a lot of visits and business trips.
Anyway, speaking of the situation, I know why, but it’s hard to say for sure. In this situation, the cause is endless, so you have to check it yourself. So I started checking my computer. I thought it was swift. They checked it with strict discipline, and I thought it was different. I always fix it here, but I always admire it.

And he told me that the computer was not turned on because he was waiting for a while. I was told what caused it. The power went out because of the power outage. They said we need to change the power. I asked him to do that right away from me.
Fortunately, he said there was no problem with the other parts. He said he’s happy that there are times when he comes to a power outage and then changes his computer. The power outage is that dangerous, so if it rains a lot or if there are thunder and lightning, it’s better to turn off the computer. I got a new tip.

I replaced the power parts for the computer not to be turned on. They recommended what to replace it with, so I chose that. I was satisfied with your recommendation that the cost-effectiveness is good and the specifications are good. It wasn’t too much, and it was perfect. After changing the power, I checked if it was booting up, but fortunately, I found it was working well and brought my computer home.

It was so refreshing to solve the problem of not turning on the computer. When I got home, I connected it right away and took the time to check if there were any other problems, so I started the game again right away. I cleaned the inside of the main body. Maybe that’s why it’s faster, and the fans aren’t loud. This is why management is important. I wanted to keep my management in the future. That’s what the boss said.
There are certain areas where you can manage yourself, but it’s also essential for companies to manage it. Especially, Oncoms said that the inspection is free, so it’s a good idea to do it regularly. If it’s ambiguous to visit in person, you can do it by courier, so you can repair it, check it, or do it properly.

After solving the problem of not turning on the computer, I felt relieved and relieved of worries about internet lectures and assignments. There are many cases where the computer breaks down due to a power outage. The company said that the best way to solve the problem is not to do anything else but not to do anything else.
I could feel it for sure. When I don’t know what’s going on, I tend to lose money while touching these parts and computers. If I continue to have problems, I will contact Oncoms to resolve them. It’s a place where I can trust and solve what I want.


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