I knew that the trash can could be deleted and restored

Not long ago, I was working at home and deleted all the important materials. Wow, I could feel this is what makes me go blind. It’s a mistake that I don’t usually make, but I think I was in a hurry and I was out of my mind.
I was worried about what to do, and I was busy asking around and searching the Internet, but fortunately, I thought of a company that could restore the trash can, so I asked right away. It’s called Oncoms, where I often leave my laptop or company computer. I remember that I entrusted the data recovery to you before, and you handled it quickly and accurately, so I turned off the big fire, so I quickly asked you because I thought it would be worth the loss.

You said you’d have to see the hard drive yourself, but you could recover it. It’s essential, and the situation is urgent, so I asked him what’s the best way to recover it quickly, and he said he could work on it right away if he came to the office right now. So I took my computer and drove to the Oncoms office.

I haven’t seen him in a long time, but he still welcomed me kindly. I asked him right away if he could recover the trash can, and as always, he asked me to check it out before checking it out. But I brought it right away without touching it, so he reassured me not to worry that I could recover it enough. At that moment, I was so surprised and anxious. It was crazy.

And the employee took the computer with him right away to see if he could restore the trash can. It didn’t take much time to check because nothing else was wrong. I was talking to the boss for a moment, and the results came out quickly. And fortunately, they said it could be restored, and I asked them to proceed right away.
You said it wasn’t difficult for me to remember what was going on at the time and bring it back right away. As you told me before, I was glad to contact you and bring it right away if there was a problem. I wanted to do this in the future.

It didn’t take that long to restore the trash can. They speeded up the inspection time and speeded up the restoration. You seemed to know for sure how to handle things as efficiently as possible. Since we’ve been restoring and repairing it for over 10 years, I could feel that the know-how is definitely different.
And after we’ve finished the recovery, you’ve checked to see if there are any files we’ve recovered. Fortunately, everything was recovered well, and the file opened without any problems when I ran it. I was happy to hear that. It’ll take a lot of time to recreate all that stuff.

What I felt again while restoring the trash can was the importance of backup. I haven’t had a backup for a while, but I took out the external hard drive again through this job. Everyone made the mistake of deleting things on their own like me. The data suddenly disappeared because of a computer problem, so a backup was more important than anything else.
If I had a backup, I wouldn’t have gone crazy like this, but I felt its importance again through this incident. And he wrote down a security memorandum while restoring the data. I thought you were very sensitive about this. Unexpectedly, they come to restore important files, and there are many different types, so they give us a security memorandum. I couldn’t help but think it was a reliable place. My files were also important, so I was relieved.

I never thought it would be a wastebasket deletion recovery. I was just wondering if there was any chance. Income took care of all these things. I was able to go back home with a lot, of course. You seem to do almost everything about computers and data. I knew you were good at it before so that I could trust you, but, naturally, your trust has increased, and you will continue to use it.

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