I fixed it right away when the computer didn’t boot up

I was using my computer well, but suddenly, my computer couldn’t boot up. It’s called reboot and select proper boot device. I couldn’t boot up on the monitor, so I rebooted it and pressed other keyboard keys, but it didn’t fix.
I don’t know much about computers, and I’ve heard that it’s best to leave it at a professional place when this happens, so I called Oncoms right away.

I used this place before so that I could trust it more. The boss answered the phone kindly. And when I told him the situation, he said, “I know why, so don’t worry that it’s not difficult, and it’s simple to fix.”
I was so moved. So when I checked the schedule, he said that the fastest time to check was to visit the office and repair it. So I took the computer body and drove quickly to the office. Fortunately, the main body wasn’t that heavy, so there wasn’t anything too much.

I was anxious when my computer didn’t boot up. I usually use the computer a lot, and I use this a lot when I work. I bought it actually to work on it. But talking to the boss on the phone made me feel relieved for a moment.
And when I went to the office, the boss welcomed me. And I immediately told him the computer’s status. The staff took it with them because they said they’d check it right away. And you checked it right away. That’s why I can trust Oncoms. After the inspection, we’ll figure out if it’s possible to repair it and give them a choice whether to proceed or not.
And the inspection is free. Anyway, you took care of it. And soon, we figured out the cause.

The computer doesn’t boot up because the external hard drive is plugged into the USB port, but somehow the boot option 1 recognizes the USB and sets the BIOS, so you need to adjust that part. In the case of brand PCs, you check this and then change the bios, but in the case of assembly PCs, the initial price is the same, and sometimes the boot doesn’t work like this is what you said. I recently changed it to an assembly PC and replaced the parts, and I realized that’s why this division happened.
But they repaired it right away, so I was able to use it with confidence. I was so grateful.

When my computer doesn’t boot up, I find black and blue screens like that the scariest. I can’t really touch it. I told the boss that in this situation, it’s best to leave it to the company without touching it, and if you touch something else, it’ll be irreversible.

Of course, when a computer like this doesn’t boot up, there are many solutions on the Internet, but people who don’t know the computer at all said it’s hard to follow. Seeing the staff do it, I thought I couldn’t even touch it. So I just decided to keep quiet and leave it to Oncoms, even if it happens next time.
If you’re computer illiterate like me, don’t do anything. Don’t forget that it’s best to contact the company.

They really figured out the exact cause of when the computer doesn’t boot up and then changed them. And he also checked the computer’s condition. Fortunately, you said you don’t have to worry about anything wrong. He said he didn’t have anything set up and didn’t have much to do because it hasn’t been long ago. He said he had nothing to do.
Instead, he told me to do this because cleaning up the registry, checking for viruses, and cleaning the inside would help me use the computer longer and help with speed and heat. That’s why I’m using it well. I don’t know how I would have solved it without Oncoms, but they were so kind and attentive to me, so so thatuld solve it well.
I’m so glad I could fix it right away.

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