A review of game computer cost-effectiveness

Not long ago, my old computer died. It was like a bolt from the blue for me, who liked games. I used to relieve my stress by playing games during my social life, but I was so sad that I couldn’t do that for a while. But my computer is old, and it’s time to change it, so I thought it would be okay to get a new one.
If I knew I was buying a new computer, my mom might smash my back, so I looked carefully to get the most cost-effective gaming computer, right?

The most important thing in setting up a game computer was graphics and speed. GeForce GTX 1660 graphics card and Intel Core 9700 processor are the basics, and the rest will be configured. I didn’t include RAM in the estimate because I thought it would be better to use the existing computer.

I used Intel Core i7-9700K for the CPU of the game computer. I set it up so that there’s no delay when playing the game. It was 8 cores and 8 threads, so it was good to play the game smoothly.
CPU is important, but cooler is also important. My computer went crazy once when the cooler broke down. The cooler is Thermoreb TRINITY S5.0. I chose this cooler because it is also air-cooled and compatible with lisen.
The mainboard is A-Sus ASUS PRIME B360M-A CSM. It is a main board of choice because of its excellent performance, stability, convenience, and compatibility so that it is not difficult to customize a computer.

The most important part of a gaming computer is a graphics card. GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER EX WHITE OC D6 6GB and supports resolution up to 8K so you can play the game vividly.
The rest of the other setups were Samsung 860 EVO 500GB and Power Hydrop YD 550W 80PLUS Bronze 230V.

It didn’t take that long to set up a gaming computer. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, and I’ve wanted to buy it. Still, we finished the assembly neatly after pulling out the price well from a decent place.
When I played the game myself, I thought it was a good thing I got a new computer. It used to be a bit choppy in the past, but now I can’t feel it at all. The graphics are excellent, so you can enjoy it when you play games.

It’s for games, but it’s a bit expensive, so I couldn’t just leave the assembly anywhere. I wanted to do it somewhere that was guaranteed. So I searched a lot for it, and although you’re selling assembly PCs, I decided to do it at OnComs, which is also a repair or data recovery company.
You can do it by simply placing an order and assembling it, but I think it’s essential to set it up without any errors, but since this is a repair shop, I thought it would be cleaner in this area.
I actually got a call when I asked, and you were very kind to me. Also, the order and delivery were neat. It’s raining these days, so I was worried about the delivery, but I didn’t have to worry about it.

As soon as I got my computer for gaming, I connected everything from monitor to keyboard to mouse, and then I turned it on right away. The power was clean, and the computer was quite loud in the past, but now I can barely hear it, and basically, the speed of booting and surfing the Internet felt upgraded.
And I played the game right away. I couldn’t help but admire it. I used to pay attention to it before, but the computer is different now.m. different level. I thought money was a good thing.
OnComs is on sale, but it’s also being repaired, so if your computer breaks down the next time, you might want to leave it here.

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