Review of solving problem with no computer screen

When I came to work, I turned on the computer, but suddenly the computer screen didn’t come on, so I was really embarrassed. Still, a company employee who knows the computer well-tried this and that, but the screen still didn’t come back.
I didn’t touch it anymore because I thought it would worsen if I touched it too much. I asked him when he fixes it later, and he said it’s best to bring it right away without touching it.
Anyway, I have to do my work quickly, and I thought it would be better to do it as soon as possible if I’m going to do it anyway, so I really worked hard with the computer repair company to fix the symptoms.
My company asked me to look for a good place on this occasion because I had to regularly repair my computer and find a company that can assemble PCs, so I paid more attention to it.

When I looked for a company this time, I thought there were so many computer companies. I knew a lot, but I didn’t know it was this much. But I still need to find a good place, so I called from place to place. We’re going to look at these areas to see how they’re going to do that. When I repair a computer, the repair price depends on the condition, but I think I just passed the fixed and speaking part. I didn’t know what would happen, and I didn’t think it was a good idea to decide.

After contacting so many places, I found a place where they would kindly consult with me and estimate after looking at the computer. It was called Oncoms. I should visit first, so I checked when it was okay and made a reservation.
He put the computer in his car and went straight to the Oncoms office. The parking lot is also well-equipped, so I parked comfortably and went up to the office and welcomed me. And we talked about it in earnest while drinking tea.

I explained the symptoms and situation of not coming out on the computer screen, and he said he would check it right away. They don’t just fix it. They check if it’s possible to fix it before proceeding. Maybe that’s why I could believe something more. If you can’t repair it, you can change your PC, but you can also use an assembly PC here, so I thought you could solve it at once.
He took a computer and checked this and that, and fortunately, he said he could fix it right away. I was a little surprised that the inspection ended earlier than I thought, but I thought it was because there was an engineer with a lot of experience and skills.

The computer screen isn’t working. I don’t know how much I lost my mind because of the symptoms. Fortunately, we only had to change the mainboard, so the repair was done neatly, and there was not a single data that had been lost.
I was really relieved about this part. Although I’m using an external hard drive, I was a bit nervous because I didn’t back up some parts, but I was glad there was no problem.

After repairing the computer screen, the boss told me how to manage a computer easily. There are various reasons why the mainboard is going out, but I heard that you have to be careful about dust and shock management. Especially, I’m handling it carefully so that it does’ It cleans the dust constantly.
I think Oncoms was the first place to tell me these details and take care of me. It was a very satisfying service. In the future, I think I’ll find my personal computer when it breaks down, as is the case with my company’s computer.

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