I quickly upgraded my slow laptop again

I’m using an old laptop. It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s been quite a while since I was a student until now when I got a job. I can change it if I try to change it, but I’ve already gotten used to it, so it’s hard to change it to something else, and I’m using this laptop because it’s too much money. It’s a little slower than other laptops or computers, but there’s no problem.
But the speed got slower and slower, so I couldn’t use it anymore. I cleaned up the registry and deleted unnecessary programs to solve my own slow laptop, but it was only a little faster at that moment, but it was still slow.
When I told my acquaintance about this situation, she told me to check her laptop for a problem, so I asked Oncoms, who had previously repaired it when it broke down.

After I told you the status of my laptop, I made a reservation and decided how to proceed during delivery, visit, or business trip. I went to the store with my laptop because there was a place not far from the store, so I decided to repair it by the door.
He recognized me right away when I told him he was the one I called earlier. And since we talked about the laptop over the phone, we talked about it in more detail. He said that it’s probably old, so if you replace the laptop battery, it’ll be about enough. But it’s not accurate, so you wanted to open the laptop, check it, and see how to proceed.

The staff took it with them to check the slow laptop. All the inspection and repair places were open so that I could see the whole process myself. Last time, we had a delivery service, so it was interesting and fun.
I was able to enjoy waiting because I thought it wasn’t boring to watch while waiting. I waited for a while, and they said the inspection was over. So I asked him what the problem was, and he told me that there was a battery replacement problem and that he had to replace the SSD card. He said it’s because it’s an old laptop, so if you replace the parts, you’ll get better speed.

So I asked them to work on the slow laptop to speed up. It’s a little different from the desktop, so I replaced it entirely with the parts recommended by OnComz.
The price range was not burdensome, and the laptop was replaced with a perfect one that didn’t collide with it, so I was able to repair it satisfactorily.

I would never have known what my laptop looked like if I hadn’t fixed it. I got to know for sure this time. And since it’s an old laptop, there’s a lot of dust inside, so I asked them to clean up the dust lightly, and they removed it very neatly.
I heard that some people come because their laptops are broken because of this dust. I open the desktop computer and clean the dust, but the laptop is hard to do so, so I thought I’d have to do that from now on because they told me that I need to check it regularly and clean it up and take care of it.

After replacing all the old parts that caused the slow laptop and organizing unnecessary programs, the laptop’s speed was definitely different. Even if it’s an old laptop, it’s an opportunity to know that if you manage it like this, you can use it longer, and it’s different.
I thought you could use more laptops with me for a long time. I want to change to a new laptop, but I still think it’s okay.

He explained in detail how to take care of the slow laptop after replacing it. Previously, we had no chance to receive these tips after receiving them by courier, deciding whether to proceed or not and receiving them by courier. Still, after repairing the door, we definitely had this opportunity. I thought it was beautiful.
And it was a useful tip for me. I’m using the tips you gave me to manage my laptop consistently, so, basically, my laptop doesn’t slow down, and I’m using it well without any problems. If there is any problem with my laptop in the future, I thought I’d have to solve it on Oncoms. I think there’s a way to solve the problem with laptops in OnComs.

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