A simple replacement for a blue screen error

It’s been a while since I came down from my room to my parents’ house. Due to the current situation, I heard that our school would open online. Of course, I didn’t come down to my parents’ house because I thought the school would open, but my parents asked me to come down to my parents’ house, so I had no choice but to come down to my parents’ house.
I’ve been playing Lost Asia X with my classmates. I turned on the computer thinking that I would play Lost Asia on my home computer, but I suddenly saw a blue screen error. What’s going on? I have to hurry up and turn the lads around. Otherwise, I’m going to lose my money. I’m going to lose my mind. So I said sorry to my classmates who promised to do the ladle, and I searched on the internet.

I’m not a computer science major, and I don’t know anything about this at all, so I’m searching on the Internet, but I don’t know what’s causing it. Fortunately, one of my classmates knows a lot about computers, and he told me to send him a blue screen error screen.
So I took a picture of it and sent it to a nearby computer company because it’s broken, so I have to replace it, or else I can’t use the computer. And they told me to do well because the graphics card is expensive. I heard my money going out.
First of all, I told my parents carefully that the computer needs to be fixed even if it’s not because of Lost Ark, and my mom told me to throw it away at this opportunity, but fortunately, my dad would give me money.

When I looked up the blue screen error on the Internet and saw the place where the graphics card was replaced, I noticed a company called OnComs. It’s a data recovery company, and I’m calling you because you seem to know a lot about computers, and it’s close to home, and most of all, the reviews are so good that I thought I was going to have to lose. I briefly explained the situation on the phone, and they knew what it was.
He told me that I need to bring my computer and get diagnosed and send it by courier, but I said I’d visit right away because my house is nearby.

The location is next to the pizza school in Jeongja CafĂ© Street, but it was closer than I thought. I said I’d come alone to take you there, but why did I choose to take that easy path and sweat it out. I’m reflecting on myself for making such a choice.
I checked it out to find out exactly and for sure what the problem is. They said it could be a problem of other parts, or it could be solved without replacing it, so it’s better to check it out. Above all, the inspection fee is free, so I asked you to do it right away.

They took the main body and inspected it with the equipment they had never seen before. It was very reliable to check if there were any other problems while looking for the cause of the blue screen error.
As a result of the inspection, the blue screen’s cause was a problem with the graphics card as expected. They said that the graphics card is old, so it will boot up right away if you replace it. He said that we don’t have any data loss or other problems, so we have to solve this part.

When I was choosing a graphic card, I didn’t know anything about it. Fortunately, the boss was kind and explained it to me easily, so I chose the right performance at an affordable price range.
I was satisfied with the price range, and when I actually used it, the performance was good, and most of the games were played. Anyway, I changed my graphics card to solve the blue screen error, but you were really fast because you were a veteran.

After replacing the graphics card, they checked to see if there was a blue screen error again, but fortunately, the boot went well, and the blue screen didn’t come up. It was more believable and amazing to see the inspection, graphic replacement, and confirmation in front of my eyes. I felt like you were working honestly enough to show all the parts like this. Maybe I’ll revisit OnComs if I have a problem with my computer next time. I’m going to play now.

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