Hard Disk Recovery Old Laptop Successfully

These days I work as a freelancer. I often work with my old laptop at home rather than going to work. I’ve been using it for a long time, and I haven’t had any problems yet, so I’ve been working hard on it. Then, some time ago, my old laptop got into trouble.
It slows down the processing speed of the laptop, or it turns off suddenly. But if I left my laptop still for a few hours, it would work again. Then suddenly, my laptop didn’t turn on. I had to turn on my laptop because I had to take care of something urgently.
Since it’s an old laptop anyway and it’s been in trouble for a while, I thought we should check the laptop’s condition and repair it. My friend told me about Oncoms, where I restored my hard disk, so I repaired it there.

He called first to make a reservation and went straight to the office. Fortunately, the official schedule was right, so I was able to handle it quickly. I was so relieved. Maybe it’s because I said I was in a hurry with my crying voice, but the boss seemed to be considerate of me too.
So I took my laptop to the Oncoms office. These days, it wasn’t what I thought it would be like to see if all the repair companies were this neat. The office was immaculate, so I liked my first impression. And you looked really busy. There’s a stack of delivery boxes around, and the phone keeps ringing. Anyway, I went in, said hello, and I talked about what to do right away.

He was kind enough to check every question on the phone, but he checked it more meticulously when he met him in person. To tell you about the old laptop situation and how it’s been, he said that maybe the hard disk is broken and we need to restore the hard disk, so let’s check the laptop’s condition first and see how we can proceed. The engineer came right over and took his laptop.

And I started checking my old laptop one by one. At first, I opened the laptop. It’s my first time seeing the inside of a laptop, so it’s really cool. And since it was an old laptop, it was dusty and dirty. I asked if this can be cleaned, and they said they’ll do it for free.
And after connecting with the computer, he carefully checked the hard disk and other parts. After a while, he explained why the laptop suddenly turned off to make it easier for me to understand if the inspection was over. As expected, he said there is no problem with other parts because he has to replace his hard disk. After all, it’s an old laptop. And he said we should restore the hard disk.

I’m thinking about restoring the hard disk to some extent, so I asked them to do so right away. We decided to remove the existing hard disk, replace it with a new one, and restore the existing hard disk to proceed with the backup.
Maybe because it’s a good place, all the procedures started to be handled quickly and accurately. You started to replace the hard disk quickly, and then you started recovering it right away. Maybe because he’s a veteran, but he’s a multi-player. I heard it was restored soon, so I checked the recovered data. Most of them were well recovered, and I was relieved to see that the most important work files were neatly restored.

And I finished restoring my hard disk. While finishing the backup, I was also able to talk to the boss about managing my old laptop. He said that it’s because I’ve taken good care of my laptop. He said that I’d be able to use it well in the future. But he also said it would be better to change it the next time it breaks down. When I heard that, I thought I should be careful.

After I restored my hard disk, I came home and turned on my laptop. I replaced my hard disk and set up my new laptop, which is definitely fast and good. And the recovered files were so well executed that they could work quickly and send the materials.

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