The computer’s slowing down

Hello, everyone! Like most companies, the work computer wasn’t perfect. I was a little embarrassed because it was old and unmediated.
Fortunately, I didn’t use heavy programs, but I used light ones, so it didn’t bother me much. It was okay at first, but as time went by, the computer became too slow to handle.
I couldn’t do any other programs or work while running one program. I thought about what to do with this, so I tried my best to speed it up, but it didn’t improve at all.
So I asked the company to fix the problem, and I thought that I should fix it by fixing it or getting a new computer, so I posted the approval right up there, so I took the computer to Oncoms.

Income is a company that used to be frequently used by the company. Please repair the computer here and manage the company’s NARS server. So I could trust him, so I called him right away and visited him. I had a quick consultation at the office. It’s an old computer, so I’d do it if it’s repairable, but if not, I asked you to arrange it for work.

The computer’s slowing down. You started checking your computer right away. After finishing the inspection, he told me that he had good news and bad news. The bad news is that the computer is so old that it costs a lot of money to replace all the parts, and the good news is that we can still fit a new computer at that cost, so why don’t we get a new assembly computer? So I asked them to proceed with better cost-effectiveness.

There are many reasons for the slow down of the computer, but in my case, the old parts were the problem. I decided to assemble a new computer because I had to replace it so much that I couldn’t control it when I started to put my hands on it.
We decided to proceed with the specifications similar to the existing computer. Because it’s a work computer, it doesn’t require excellent specifications, but it wasn’t that much of a burden.
Income also gave us a good estimate. You helped me choose depending on what I was dealing with, and I could move on quickly.

The computer’s slowing down. I didn’t solve the problem, but I was so excited to meet the new computer. Anyway, it doesn’t take long to assemble the computer, so we decided to wait and find it. After the computer assembly was finished, they installed Windows, and they carefully checked the programs needed for the work.
Besides that, I was so grateful for the basic setting, such as security. If I didn’t check these parts, I would have had a hard time. Fortunately, we didn’t have to use the NARS server to recover the data.

I thought it would be beneficial for cleaning up later because you put together a new computer and cleaned up the wires. And the computer slowed down. You’ve given us detailed tips on how to take care of your health to prevent your condition. I missed many things unexpectedly, but I thought I should take care of myself carefully from now on.
You did the test after you finished all the parts. The computer was in excellent condition, and I liked it. I thought, “Oncoms is oncoms.” I should keep using it.

The computer’s slowing down. The computer itself can fix symptoms, and there are ways to solve them through computer assembly like me. They suggested it reasonably and cost-effectively according to the situation. So I was able to do it well without any special consideration, and I quickly solved the problem. If you have a problem like this, you should contact Oncoms and solve it.

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