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Shareit for PC free We spend our lot of time going through troubles of sharing images, songs and large files using Bluetooth and other devices. It’s kind of boring and one wants to go for some easy way of transferring files. Hence there is one app Shareit that’s makes your transferring work easy go. Shareit for PC and Shareit for Windows provides with you an easy way to exchange your images, music, videos and documents along with some apps. Initially Shareit was developed for Android users but due to its impressive features and demanding service it is now available as Shareit for PC and Shareit for Windows. All you need is to go for Shareit app download.

What is Shareit for pc?

Basically Shareit is an app that lets you share any sort of files, images, videos, music and apps. It is developed by Lenovo and is considered as one of the best app to share your data among each other. Use Shareit for PC and Shareit for Windows to transfer files between any devices be it Android, MAC or iOS. This Shareit app download is completely free to use for all available versions with Windows 7, 6 and 10. With Shareit it just takes seconds to transfer your files that too offline.

So to try this awesome Shareit app and to learn how to download this Shareit for PC and Shareit for Windows here are the following details to follow. But you need to make sure that to get Shareit app download you need a laptop or PC with-

Wi-Fi connection,
minimum 4 GB RAM
5 GB drive storage
High HD end graphics.
Method 1 – Shareit for PC via Direct Download through App

To download Shareit for PC, you need to follow these steps-

Step 1- You can free download Shareit for PC from the following given link

Step 2- Click on the download bar to get your download file.

Step 3- In Shareit for PC free your downloaded folder you will get Shareit.exe that is being download.

Step 4- Open this Shareit.exe file and follow the set up wizard in order to Run the app.

Step 5- To get Shareit for Windows 7, you need to accept the license agreement by clicking on the Accept button.

Step 6- Then you need to install the app on your PC and once it gets completed click on the next button.

Step 7- The Shareit app will run automatically. Then click on Finish button after once it has installed successfully

Step 8- Now all you need Shareit for PC free to do is connect your device iOS or android to your PC.

The same steps are follow for downloading Shareit for Windows 7 and Shareit for Windows 10.

After once Shareit for Windows is downloaded you need to learn how to configure Shareit for PC free your devices whether an iPhone or Android mobile to your PC-

How to Configure Shareit on your PC

Step 1- Firstly, you will need to create the device name and then select the default file location where you want to receive your transferred file.

Step 2- When you will connect Shareit for PC you will see an option of Scan to Connect. To connect Shareit for Windows click on it to get QR code. Or you can also go for option that needs to turn on the Hotspot or Wi-Fi button.

Step 3- Now you will see buttons like Share and Receive. Clicking on send option you will be able to send your files while receive button will help you in receiving transferred files from your device to PC.

Step 4- Next click on Browse button so that you can select the desired file that you want to transfer to Pc via Shareit app. Or you can drag and drop your selected file that you wish to transfer. Click on Next.

Step 5- Shareit for Windows app will now look for all the available or nearby devices who want to receive or send files to you. Just click on your device name and your transferring work is done.

Step 6- Here the Shareit for Windows will give complete information of file you wish to send and sending is done successfully


Method 2 – Shareit App for Mac

Above method was to download Shareit for PC and Shareit for Windows and now here are the steps to get Shareit for Mac. Shareit for Mac is not officially launch but you can get it for Mac with the help of emulators. The emulator generally used is ipadian so follow the steps to get Shareit all download.

Step 1- Go to iOS emulator and look for the Shareit app.

Step 2- Download the app once you find it on the site.

Step 3- Click on the app and get it download for your Mac.

Step 4- Once the app is install click on it to open the app.

Step 5- Look for the installed Shareit app and then start downloading.

Step 6- Once you are done with the installation you are ready to use the app for transferring of your files.

You can follow the same steps to configure your device to connect it to Shareit for Mac.

Method 3 – Download Shareit App for Android

Now if you need Shareit APK Download then you need to follow these easy to follow steps-

Step 1- Download the Shareit APK file on your android phones.

Step 2- Install this file on Android device which may take few minutes.

Step 3- Change the security settings of your phone to ensure installation from unknown sources.

Step 4- Open the downloaded APK file and click on install to get Shareit app.

Step 5- Once it gets download you are ready to use you app to transfer your files.

In this way you can connect Shareit for Windows to your device and begin transferring your files.

Method 4- Shareit for PC Using Bluestacks-

To get Shareit for Windows this is another method to get Shareit app-

Step 1- First, download the Bluestacks software that is free and is register software from its official site.

Step 2- Start installing your Shareit for PC app by double clicking on the installer file.

Step 3- Start the browser app and then use it in order to open the Google search engine. Now enter Shareit for PC app and hit the link to get the app.

Step 4- Once you get the app download it on your PC and open it to use the app for transferring your files.

Apart from Bluestacks you can also use Android Emulator called as Nox App Player to get the Shareit App for PC. In this way you can follow these steps and get the Shareit for PC app so as to use it to get your files, videos and documents transfer. To configure your Shareit for PC to your phone you can go through the same method as mentioned above.

Well, all the above methods to get Shareit for PC are easy to follow steps. Shareit is no doubt a fantastic app to transfer your music, videos and other apps and is also easy to use app. It is easy to configure and can be use anywhere and anytime as it is a friendly app to use.

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