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Latest shareit The shareit is often experimenting with new features. If too many experiments fail, normal users won’t know them, but many features are released to users during the experiment. Recently the shareitp has introduced several new features for iOS users.

shareitp iOS users can now listen to voice messages directly from the notification.

For this, users will have to press long and tap on play. Now shareitp users can change the font style in the phone by tapping on the t icon. In addition to the latest iOS version of the shareitp, users can quickly edit and send messages to Seraphin Media. This will have to be tapped on the doodle mark while viewing photos and videos. Now iOS 13 can also send emoji as stickers from the emoji keyboard. Note that all these changes were made to shareitp version 2.19.100.Nicosia, (APP – UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – October 27, 2019): shareitp worldwide, from mass demonstrations in Baghdad and Beirut to cohesion in rescue missions during Syria’s grinding conflict. Has become an indispensable connector for millions of peopleLatest shareit.

In Lebanon, where telecommunications is extremely organized and expensive, citizens rely on the shareitp for free calls.

When the government announced taxation on those calls on October 17, it gave rise to demonstrations that were extraordinarily high.

After more than a week of protests, protesters have dismissedLatest shareit the term “shareitp revolution” as saying the phrase is a fallout, calling for drastic political change.

But he recognizes that technology plays a key role in mobilizing its rallies, with a population of about six million people, to hundreds of thousands of peopleLatest shareit.

Watsap is working for a revolutionary revolution, said Yasmin Rafai, a 24-year-old Tripoli-based protest organizer in northern Lebanon who works at a local NGO.

We’re reaching out to religions and places.”

Over the border in Syria, the shareitp can make the difference between life and death.

Mustafa Alhaj Younus, who heads a group of first responders in Latest shareit Idlib Province, said that citizens use group chats to appeal to rescue teams.

The shareitp is especially useful in opposition-controlled areas due to poor telecommunications infrastructure. “People can only contact us via the shareitp or cell phone,” he said.

– ‘Most Dangerous App’ – Digital dictatorships are on the rise throughout the region, with some governments specifically blocking popular social media applications, including the shareitp, for its free calls.

Use Internet calls without a proxy server. Messages deemed provocative in court have sent some consumers to the United Arab Emirates jail.

There is a similar story in Morocco, where the government banned free voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls in 2016.

A 26-year-old Moroccan journalist, who relies on the app to connect with personnel and sources, told AFP that when the decision came into force, it was a “public drama”, Gave rise to public outcry. Proof of action

As a result of small-scale demonstrations in Egypt, police have randomly stopped and grounded people for checking social media content on their phones.

In September, AFP observed, police inspected several of their mobiles and arrested them on the spot.

That same month, the attorney general’s office said there were orders to inspect the prosecutor’s “social media accounts and detention pages.”

In Iraq, where more than 200 people were killed in demonstrations during October, another war is being fought online.

When anti-corruption protests took place in several cities earlier this month, authorities shut down Internet services to prevent unrest. They have been using these tactics in the past.

“We consider the shareitp to be the most dangerous application at this stage,” said a security source.

He openly admitted that “getting disconnected from the shareitp was to stop these gatherings.” Yasser Zulzouri, an Iraqi activist who participated in the demonstrations in Baghdad, said it was important for groups of app workers to spread details about the protests.

Adel Iskandar, a professor of media studies at Simon Fraser University in Canada, says that this exchange of information gives rise to “existential fear” for governments that have been subjected to the Arab Spring uprising.

Governments also see that such apps can be beneficial, he added.

“The state sees these platforms not only as a threat, but also as an opportunity to send critical messages with supporters,” Iskandar told AFP. Told P

– ‘Making things simple’ – According to a recent survey by Northwestern University in Qatar, which has more than 1.5 billion users worldwide, shareitp is the most popular social media program to use in the tech savvy area. Is

In addition to sharing requested content and connecting protesters with hot hotspots through built-in encrypted messages, the app is also used for everyday conversations, like anywhere in the world.

Jordanian officials, as well as other policymakers in the area, regularly speak to journalists broadcasting in groups. They can also give sensitive interviews on freely available instant messaging services.

Jamila Sharaf, a two-year-old mother from East Jerusalem, tells her school administration and a group of other parents for their children.

“Applications make things easier and help spread information faster,” he said.

In Iran, authorities have banned the more secure app Telegram, saying it was used to spread unrest during the protest wave in January 2018.

Because of this, many young people have come to the shareitp.

“Due to the Telegram ban, I have been forced to use shareitp more,” said Ramen, 26, from Tehran.

He called the tax on social media “ridiculous” to meet budget cuts.

“I’ll be ready to help (my government), but not by paying for something that means free.”

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